“A computer is like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy”

Wednesday, May 19

My Space is Closed

Does anyone actually use MySpace anymore? I know I shut down my site last year after a recruiter found it and told me "it didn't reflect well", whatever that means. That wasn't the entire reason I shut it down though.

One, I never looked at it and as far as I could tell, very few others did as well.
Two, MySpace is so eaten up with spammers and malware that it's dangerous just to look around.
Three, everyone seems to have migrated over to Facebook.

Whatever. I still have my blog listed on my resume. It may not reflect a corporate mentatiliy, but it's a (mostly) family friendly environment, and I talk about tech issues (and anything else that grabs my attention). On the whole, I've gotten more positive feedback than negative.

I guess that's all anyone can ask.