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Wednesday, May 19

Kindle for Android This Summer

Reading books is probably the most used function of my Android phone. I've got two different book readers on there now. Mostly I stick to public license books, but I've also purchased a couple. The problem is getting the free book readers to recognize the books I've purchased. It's doable, but it's kind of a pain once I get them transferred to the phone.

I'm pleased to see that Amazon will be offering their Kindle app for the Android market this summer. The app has been available for iPhones and iPads for a while.
The big news: you’ll be able to buy books right from Android devices.

For anyone who has used the Kindle app on the iPhone or iPad, not being able to do that is one of the big annoyances. If you want to buy anything, you’re kicked out of the app, back to the web, to make the purchase.

Yes, it’s silly. But both sides likely put up with it for their own reasons. From Apple’s perspective, the Kindle Store directly competes with its own iBookstore. From Amazon’s perspective, there’s no way they’d pay Apple a 30% commission to sell their titles as in-app purchases.

Android doesn’t present those issues.

Via Techcrunch