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Thursday, April 1

Resume Advise

We've all seen it.  The internet abounds with it.  How to make your resume be all it can be.
The latest one I saw was from The Ladders.

Mostly, the information seems to be pretty common-sense, and while I know that is sometimes lacking in today's world, these seem pretty straight-forward to me.

There's only one thing that puts a hitch in my giddy-up.  Some "professionals" (I use the term loosely, as I'm sure some of these folks are not part of a professional society) say make your resume 2 pages or less.  Some say a short resume is not good, it needs to be huge

Well I have a bit of advice for you putting together resumes.  Call the person you're sending it to and ASK them what they prefer.  You can have multiple forms of your resume.  Take the time to find out about the company, and part of this is the wants/desires of the hiring/HR personnel.  They'll thank you for it and it will make you more memorable and will increase your chances of being hired by showing your interest in the company.

So, bottom line: Ignore the "professionals".  They have good advice, but  you need to tailor it to your situation.