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Tuesday, April 27

I Still Won't Watch Generations

Let me be unequivocably clear: I hate Star Trek: Generations. I think it's one of the worst of a bad series of movies. The should've stopped with the Undiscovered Country (though they should never have let Shatner direct V). What really put the cork in the genie's bottle for me was how they killed Kirk.

I mean, come on! Kirk! This dude had been saving the galaxy for years, and they drop a bridge on him? He still had his shirt on for cryin' out loud! (Though I am thankful for this, as Bill has achieved late-middle-age spread admirably and does not cut quite the dashing figure of his youth)

Kirk is/was the ultimate survivor. He delighted in "cheating death". It's what he did, it was in his job description. If they had to drop a planet on him to kill him, that would've been OK, but a bridge? How 'bout that "I've always known I'll die alone" thing? He wasn't exactly alone now was he? Jean Luc Picard may not be the most commanding presence in the room, but he does indeed qualify as another presence (don't get me wrong, I think Patrick Stewart is an amazing actor - I just dislike Picard. It's a fan-of-the-original-series thing.).

Cracked looks at the 5 Worst Deaths Written for Great Characters (and Why).

I think Kirk should've gotten top-billing.