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Friday, February 26

Why is This Allowed?

I have a question for all the businesses out there: Why do you allow Facebook at work?

I might be able to see this for certain members of a marketing department, but why on earth do you allow it for all employees?

Let me explain what prompted this question. I have a married friend whose husband works for a douchebag (pardon the offensive language, there's no other word for this type of person). This person has been viewing his employee's wife's Facebook page, even printing out her picture. The guy is afraid to confront him for fear of losing his job. I don't blame him, but I'd still go to either HR or this dude's boss.

Regardless, this type of behavior, however reprehensible, probably wouldn't be as much an issue if this workplace prevented their employees from accessing Facebook in the first place. Honestly, why even have it available?

If the person just HAS to respond to a message or post from someone, they can now do so via e-mail. No need to access the Facebook site at all.

Businesses, if you'd like to avoid lawsuit-material as mentioned above, block this site. Be responsible, and tell your people who whine to do their damned job and get off Facebook!

That is all.

Signing off from the office,
Mad Man

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