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Friday, February 26

If the Science Guy Says so...

...I will have to take a closer look. All I care about is whether the science is sound. I've always had a soft-spot for Bill Nye, so I'll definitely be looking into his evidence further.

Bill Nye defends GLOBAL WARMING


Boyd said...

His evidence, which is from the IPCC? The IPCC, which is a self-professed political organization, not a scientific one?

Hmm...I like Nye as an entertainer. As a scientist? Not so much.

Mad Man said...

That's fair. IPCC is a political organization and as such, it's goals are to forward their agenda (and make a butt-load of money in the process).

If that's his sources, I'll lose a lot of respect.

Couldn't watch the whole thing yet (still at work :D).