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Tuesday, February 9

Weighing In

I'm not big on talking politics as that's not the point of what I do here. I like to call out people I think are being stupid on occassion though.

I think the whole Tea Party movement needs to take a long, hard look at those who would claim its leadership. I know they say they don't have leaders and that everyone is equal, but if someone speaks for you, they have a defacto leadership position. Also, I wonder why the Tea Party didn't speak out against Bush growing the .gov at an unprecedented pace? I mean they like to jump on Obama, but Bush started this whole ball of wax, where were they then? W wasn't exactly known for small government, in spite of anything he said.

While we're on the subject of the Tea Party, let's go over my feelings on Sarah Palin. Personaly, I like her. She's as smart as anyone in the .gov business. Everyone says/does stupid things, especially when subject to the public scrutiny as she has been. What I don't like is her attempt to suborn the Tea Party movement to the GOP. While this makes sense politically, I hope the Tea Partiers see through this. If you're going to be mad at one party, be sure to point out the flaws in both, otherwise you're the fastest growing branch of the Republican party.


Armed Texan said...

I think you are reacting to the media representation of the tea party (lower case on purpose) and this new National Tea Party Convention which I think might be usurping the original tea party movement. The original movement had no national leadership and each individual local group were working on electing people locally. More importantly, they were working on infiltrating the local Republican parties and promoting more libertarian/small government/fiscally conservative candidates for local, state and congressional offices. I have seen this in action in my county party and the struggles between the entrenched Republican lifers and the tea party upstarts (and I welcome them).

Your criticism of their sudden interest is right on. Most of them were sleeping during the Bush years. My analysis is that they were not interested in politics and grumbled about Bush, but did not get involved because taxes remained (relatively) low. It was when they were threatened with the current profligate spending (which makes Bush look like a miser) AND the massive tax increases that it was going to take to pay for it AND having national health care shoved down their throats that they woke up and realized that keeping their head down and voting on occasion was not enough. Instead of chastising them though, I prefer to welcome them to the real world.

And yes, the Republican establishment is trying to suborn the movement to their advantage. I do not know how well that will work for them though. Hopefully it will allow the more serious tea party folks to really get in and make some fundamental changes (for the better) to the Republican party.

Mad Man said...

While I do lump tea party members with the Tea Party, if the group as a whole doesn't stand up, others will lump them in as well. We didn't hear a lot of coverage (what media bias) about smalltown tea parties poo-pooing the convention. I did hear some on local radio shows, but nationally, they seemed mute. Again, they very likely aren't, but they sure aren't getting any coverage.