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Tuesday, February 23

Sorry, We Only Know One Song

This is getting laughable. The boogie-man, man-bear-pig, otherwise known as GLOBAL WARMING, is now responsible for the death of the dinosaurs (slight hyperbole there - what they say is 'mass extinctions').

Seriously, don't you guys know any other tunes?


Boyd said...

The question they fail to ask themselves is this: "If humans were around back then, as advanced as we are today, what could we have done to prevent these mass extinctions due to (pointedly non-anthropogenic) global warming?"

Mad Man said...

It seems to me, they fail to ask a lot of questions. Don't forget, the whole GLOBAL WARMING theory is almost entirely based on faith, especially considering that their "facts" have been shown to be incomplete at best and made up at worst.

Anonymous said...

"The significant points Ward stresses are geologically rapid climate change has been the underlying cause of most great "extinction" events. Those events have been, observed Harvard evolutionary biologist Stephen Gould, major drivers of evolution."

Uhh, Stephen Gould died May 20, 2002.

Is the author corpse surfing or did the just "dig up" an old article?