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Wednesday, February 17

"Logan's Run" Syndrome and the IT Industry

This was something scary that I experienced when I was looking for a job: I was too old. Yep, not even 40, but out-to-pasture. The reasons are many, but basically boil down to the idea that hiring managers figure they will get more work out of a 20-something because they probably don't have a family and have more leisure time. Experience isn't even really considered anymore unless you're looking at manager-level positions or higher. It was a scary thing, and I wasn't even aware of it until a couple of hiring agencies pointed it out to me.

Seems I was showing my age on my resume by having too much experience. They said all that experience was great, but by having 15+ years on my resume, I was giving away my age. Not a happy realization. I was made to feel that I was beyond my prime and had nothing to offer a new employer that a younger person couldn't do better and more of. It was a sick feeling.

Seems this is pretty prevelant in the IT industry.

Infoworld takes a look at the painful truth about age discrimination in tech.