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Thursday, February 18

How Microsoft Got Its Groove Back

The big M has been beaten pretty badly the last few years. Let's face it, everyone has viewed them as the devil due to horrid product launches (Vista, among others), Orwellian forced updates and licensing plans, failed hardware (X-Box, X-Box 360, etc.), and a very savvy marketing scheme by Apple.

Sure, Microsoft has been really innovative in the past, but everyone has thought those days were long behind them.

Suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly) Microsoft is making products that excite people (or just instill a sense of confidence, like Windows 7).

Todd Bishop at TechFlash takes a look.

Update: Whoops! Spoke to soon: 86% of Windows 7 machines in the XPnet pool are regularly consuming 90%-95% of their available RAM. This is the old memory leak bug they've known about since beta.


Boyd said...

It's worthy of note that XPnet's CTO even says that they don't know if "the increased memory usage was by the operating system itself, or an increased number of applications."

So no one knows if they're comparing apples to apples, or maybe pomegranates.

I'm pretty hard on my computers, and my Win7 machine almost never hits 50% memory usage. Of course, that's just anecdotal, but it sounds like XPnet's report is anecdotal, too, since they didn't do much beyond look at a meter and say, "Oh, my, isn't that a high reading?"

Mad Man said...

That may be, but MS has always had issues in the past with memory leaks, especially on new product. IE5 & 6 were both notorious for it (and I think 7 does it as well). Windows XP (pre-SP1) was bad about it, as were it's predecessors, 95, 98, and ME.

I don't think this is out of the realm of possiblities that Windows 7 is having memory problems.

This is one of the reasons I never adopt any MS product until the first service pack after release. I have no desire to be a public beta tester for them.