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Monday, December 14

Windows 7 Tweaks

Techradar has a good article dealing with some very nice 7 tweaks

I really need to go buy a copy of 7. I hear it's the stuff and the best OS Microsoft has put out since DOS. Even though I'm a converted Linux fan, I'm definitely willing to take a look, especially since I'll probably be supporting it within the next year.


Jonathan said...

I am now running Win 7 x32 on a dell m6400 laptop (sweeeet). It has been able to load everything I need to manage the domain: Exchange 2007 tools, AD, our helpdesk software, Firefox, Teamviewer, cisco vpn, one hiccup with Dell remote console 2161 software.

Jonathan said...

I am now beginning to become more unimpressed. I have 4 gb ram installed and when I run outlook, firefox, picasa, and helpdesk service tool it growls about running out of memory. Vista and XP seems to have had better memory swapping code. Yeah, I know I put a bit more of a load on it than most, but then again I like to think I do more than most too.

Mad Man said...

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with 7. I'm really interested in it, but maybe I'll wait a few months until they release a SP to fix those memory issues.