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Wednesday, December 2

Noticed Side-bar Ad

One of my side-bar ads is for Bomgar.

I'd never used Bomgar until my new job. I've got to tell you, this stuff rocks out loud. It is by far, the best remote support software I've ever used. It's easy, quick, light, and very simple for both the IT group and the end-users.

I highly recommend it.

And no, this was not paid for by Bomgar (though they're welcome to do so) :)


Jonathan said...

We have been using teamviewer software. It doesn't support blackberrys and smartphones, but it does an excellent job of remote access with a small footprint.
Any questions as to who we may be can be followed up via email.

Mad Man said...

I've not used teamviewer, but small footprints are always good (especially if you have users like mine who make a hobby of overflowing their hard drives).