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Friday, May 15

Constant Joy

Being unemployed does have benefits. I've gotten to spend the last 2 days with my kids at their field days at school. That's not something I would ordinarily have time to do, so this has been a rare treat. I think I missed all their field days last year, and only attended 1 out of 3 the year before.

My children are a continuous source of joy for me. One would think that going from 40+ hours a week at work to constantly at home would make me less tolerant of the kids since I'm around them so much. It seems the opposite instead is happening. I actually like to spend time with them, and I've become much more tolerant of their behavior and antics than I was before. Or maybe I'm just growing desensitized.

Best joke I've heard in a while. This was told to me by my 5 year old.

Why are rhinos so wrinkly?
Because they're so hard to iron!