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Tuesday, April 21

Depressing, Isn't It?

Sorry I've been silent for a while. Depression isn't cool. Here's a quick run-down on my situation:
  • Yep, still unemployed
  • Yep, still looking
  • Yep, we're doing OK (family has been AMAZINGLY supportive--thanks to all!)
  • Nope, not really heard much back yet
I'm working with 4 different head-hunters, and they're all saying about the same thing, "Lots of people are posting, but no one is hiring. They're just reposting the same jobs over and over to hold them open or something." Sucks, but there's really not much out there for an IT manager right now. You pretty much have to be best-buddies with the hiring manager or something to get a job these days.

I'm about done with the whole depression thing. I'm still angry/betrayed/hurt, but it comes and goes. Part of what pisses me off though, is that the people I thought were my friends never call to just check and see if I'm alive or even still in my house. It would be nice if those I had worked with wouldn't just write me off because I'm no longer there. I honestly thought those people were friends. Guess I know better now.

On the other hand, some of the folks that I didn't expect to hear from call and check on me from time-to-time, and that's really nice (yeah, talking about you, Ginger).

Thanks, and God bless!


Dave said...

I had the same problem, worked in IT as a programmer and a service tech for 17 years. When my company went belly up I looked for three months with now luck. I figured I could drive a truck for a while and get back into IT when things got better. Five years later, I'm still driving a truck but digging it much better.

I, also, never heard back from any of my IT "friends."

Mad Man said...

Yeah, I've considered going back to driving a truck (I did a gig as an over-the-road driver for IJ for a few months several years ago), but I really don't want to go back into that.

I've been looking at other things besides IT, too. I just finished with my civil service exam for the fire department a couple of weeks ago. My physical exam takes place later this month. It's not IT, but it could be a career I'd like. I love to help people, hence IT, and this would be a good way to do it.

As far as my IT friends, I'm actually hearing from a few. Ginger has requested that I contact her, and she might have something for me. Also, I have some contacts in .gov agencies that are all trying to get me a gig there, but it moves at the speed of government, so there's no telling when or if anything will come open.

Good luck to you, Dave, and God Bless!