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Friday, February 20

A Week of Unemployeement

Well, the first week has passed. It's time for me to get busy.

Not that I've been resting on my laurels, as it were, but I've not done that much in job looking yet. Mostly, I've been trying to get my mind around the situation. To do so, I've cleaned like there's no tomorrow. My garage/workshop is actually a usable space for the first time since we moved into this house. You can eat off the floor in there. Also, I've been earning my keep by helping the wife around the house. I just finished laying some trim around the floorboards in my living room and hallway as well. So, I've not been idle, just trying to stay busy.

I did find out through friends at my old business that the decision wasn't "personal". I thought that I had been let go because of performance issues. Turns out that the case was purely one of money. To me, that's a huge release. You know how it is. You spend hours trying to figure out what you did wrong, or didn't do enough of, or one of many other various "what if" scenarios. Apparently, nothing I did or did not do would have mattered. I was expendable because I had been there so long (almost 10 years) and was near the top of my pay scale. It was either promote me or get rid of me. And in an effort to save money, they decided for the latter. OK, I can accept that. I don't like it, but I get it.

So I've spent the day plastering the internet with my resume. I've sent it to three head-hunting agencies, and three companies with open positions. Also, I've got some other leads via friends and family that might pan out. Cross your fingers.


MilSpec said...

I also work in IT. I was laid off for economic reasons in '05. I found that shopping for companies that I'd like to work for more effective than more traditional methods, the local chamber of commerce website was helpful. Also, sending in or faxing in an application was more effective in my experience. Hope this helps.

DirtCrashr said...

You're lucky, if you're still under 40 you have a chance at clawing your way back into something.
They played the hand about *cost* that occurs when you hit that level, the nexus of time-spent and experience, and that one is a card that follows you around... Good luck and drill 'em hard!