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Tuesday, May 11

Spikey Blood

Had a little issue yesterday that kept me home on the couch. My blood pressure spiked up to 176/129. It was high all day Sunday, but it really went up Monday morning about 3:00am, prompting me from a deep sleep with a horrid headache.

I was so lethargic and unable to think that it was all I could do to concentrate on TV as I lay on the couch. I actually found myself watching things I wouldn't in my right mind.

So, the Mrs. made me go to the doctor. Deciding that my current blood pressure medication just wasn't doing the job, they decided to put me on some beta blockers as well. So far, so good. My BP is back down to pre-spike levels (still high), but better.


DaddyBear said...

Scary stuff. Take care of yourself.