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Tuesday, May 25

No Cure for Cancer

Every few days we see a story about a new treatment that is a promising cure for some disease or halts aging. These aren't from tabloid newspapers or websites. These are from respected scientific publications.

So if all these "breakthroughs" keep occurring, where are the results? I'm not mad, I'm just curious.

I guess things like "'Stress' protein could halt aging process, say scientists" make good headlines, but "nope, that didn't work!" does not. So we never hear when a new treatment or theory doesn't pan out.

I do wish the journals or publications would keep us updated on these. That way I'll know when I can start smoking again.


MadRocketScientist said...

An Answer

KA9VSZ said...

My understanding is that everyone will develop some form of cancer simply by living long enough; our cell physiology makes it inevitable. Bummer. Of course, things could change...