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Thursday, May 6

Get Your Very Own Netbook for $1200

Yep, why spend $300 on a netbook when you can buy the same thing for $1200? Because it doesn't say Apple on the case, that's why.

ClamCase iPad case magically turns your tablet into a laptop

Save your money people. Don't buy the over-sized iPod Touch. And if you're an Apple fanboy, piss off. I've had exactly enough of you sheeple.


Laughingdog said...

They aren't really the same thing, even with that case. The netbook at least has more than 256MB of RAM.

Anonymous said...

A netbook is a cheap POS laptop and is not intended to 'compete" with a laptop. For the clueless the iPad is far from a big touch. Also amount of ram is not relevant in this type of device as storage is also app space. Duh. You should examine why Apple makes you feel inferior. Its not about Apple thats for sure.

Mad Man said...

Ah yes, the fanboy's speak up. I actually have no problem with Apple's software or hardware, my problem is with them as a company and their practices.

I also have issue with Microsoft, but you've not read here enough to realize that apparently.

I don't recall saying anything about RAM, but lets be real. It's a really large iPod Touch with a cell modem. If you care to refute me, do so. Just saying so doesn't make it so. Give some debate.

Otherwise, you're just a fanboy.

Anonymous said...

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