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Tuesday, April 27

That's What My Research Said

Who makes the most reliable laptops? by CNET

The conclusion? Asus

That was my conclusion as well. I just bought two Asus laptops for my wife and myself, but before I purchased, I read a ton of reviews, both professional and private. Most of the ones I read were very favorable, and the information I dug up showed a very low failure rate. And when they did fail, Asus was on the ball to get replacements out.

On some of the reviews I read where people had problems, an Asus representative would answer asking if they could help them (on non-Asus sites). That's customer service!

So far, I'm thrilled with mine. My only problem isn't an issue with Asus, but rather how Windows 7 64-bit interacts with Firefox 32-bit. It causes lock-ups on occassion. Annoying, but not caused by the hardware itself.