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Thursday, April 8

Smells Like Anarchy

Earlier I talked about a site that allows you to tell anecdotes about your boss. While this site is funny, it is anonymous and doesn't tell you the name of the company or individual being talked about. It's intended for humor and commiseration, not for calling someone out.

Time is looking at a different site called Unvarnished. Like RateMD or Rate My Professor, this site allows anonymous posters to tell stories out-of-class (pun intended) on their boss, co-workers, or subordinates.

While this might be a valuable tool for people looking at working for a business or for hiring a new employee, I foresee some rough moments ahead. Unvarnished allows for someone who is disgruntled (read: P-O'd) to spit on someone's reputation with no recourse. Seems dangerous.

The site isn't up yet as it's still in beta. Right now, they're using Facebook to authenticate those with beta invites (ooo-if this is connected to Facebook, that could be doubly bad).