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Tuesday, April 6

Seriously, Quit Messing With My Childhood

You see some things, and you think, "This has to be a joke. There's no way this can possibly be real." But my friend, you would be very mistaken.

Lucasfilm developing 'Star Wars' comedy series

See that above? This is the kind of think I'm talking about. Seems like Lucas is getting ready to jump the shark. You'd think they would've learned their lesson with the prequels.


Joe Allen said...

Getty ready to? He already has. In fact, he has so many trans-shark frequent flier miles that he has inspired a whole new euphemism: "Nuking the Fridge".


Mad Man said...

LOL, I had completely blanked that from my mind. I bow to your internet savvy and give you 2 internet cookies!

Armed Texan said...

In my best Emo Vader imitation: NOooooooooooooooo!!!