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Monday, April 12

Intellectual Bankruptcy, Hollywood Style

Since Hollywood seems to be into "reboots" these days, here are a list of properties I'm surprised we haven't seen rebooted yet. After all, if they're rebooting Gilligan's Island, they'll remake anything.
  • I Dream of Genie - I'm shocked this one hasn't been re-made yet. It was a fairly popular show and was on for a number of years. If they go this route, my money would be on Beyonce to play Genie.
  • Black Sheep Squadron - This one could be set in the original time or updated. Lots of possibilities here.
  • MacGyver - Imagine Mac with an Android. He could take over the world!
  • Mork & Mindy - Loved this show, but I'm not certain who could pull off Mork besides Robin Williams.
  • All in the Family - Classic comedy, but I'm not certain how you could pull it off today without offending everyone.

I'd put some others on this list, but I'm not certain what more they could say that hasn't already been done.
  • MASH
  • The Andy Griffith Show
  • Gunsmoke


Joe Allen said...

Dane Cook as Mork.

Not suggesting it - just know how these cretins think.