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Thursday, April 8

I Need a Hobby

Got into a bit of a row with Mrs. Mad last night. I'm a little wound-up and apparently need a hobby.

I've been reading those Percy Jackson books and while entertaining, I don't think they constitute a "hobby". All I've done for the past 2 weeks is shuffle furniture around my house and my mom's former house. While time-consuming, this is definitely not a hobby.

I'd work in the garage on some sort of wood-working project, but I can't even fit in there right now (hence the arguement from last night).

Anyway, the Mrs. reckons I need to find a hobby. Apparently I'm roaming around all out-of-sorts due to my lack of something interesting to do.

God help me, I'm thinking of going back to Warcraft.


Anonymous said...

Glock + ammo = hobby


Mad Man said...

OK, I need a hobby that won't bankrupt me. Ammo = expensive.

Paul said...

Any hobby can be expensive. Depends on how many you have.

Mad Man said...

Don't get me wrong. I love to shoot, but it's such a hassle. Living where I do, there's no place to go except for ranges. The closest one to me is one I won't go to due to the fact that they have been very rude to me in the past and are complete d*heads.

The one I like to go to is about 20-30 minutes away, a bit much for a quick jaunt out.
Also, I'd rather be able to pick up sed hobby at the house.

Hence my looking at WoW once more. I can pick it up at any point and not have to leave the house to do so. I can also stop at any point, and be available to the family.

This is also the reason I like to do wood-working, but I can't until my garage gets de-junkified.

Maybe I'll take up knitting or something.

Paul said...

Wood working is more expensive that shooting. as to starting, it is like kids, if you wait till the perfect time, you are old and it won't happen.

As to the range where they where "rude". What made you think that?

Mad Man said...

As to wood-working, all I have to have is the wood. Most of the time, this is actually given to me by folks who have extras they don't want/need any longer. I also refurbish old furniture, which can be fun.

As for the rudeness, it was actually when I went to transfer a gun I was purchasing from out-of-state. They were less than polite or helpful when I called to find what they charged. So they lost my business. Notice I'm not calling them out. I had shopped there in the past with no problems, and I recognize that anyone can have a bad day. Unfortunately this particular day 2 employees seemed to be having a bad day. Hence, my lack of desire to do business with them.