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Tuesday, April 6

Guilty Pleasure

We all have those movies that we like to watch when no one else is around.  You know the one I'm talking about.  We all have one.

For a buddy of mine, and I won't name names to protect the innocent, that movie is Footloose.
For me, it's The House Bunny.  I watch it everytime it comes on and the kids aren't around.  Not that it's especially objectionable, but some of the language is harsh and honestly, I'd be embarrassed to be caught watching it by my kids.

Here's my Top 10 list of Guilty Pleasure movies:

1. The House Bunny - Argueably my favorite movie on the list.  I have no idea why it's so entertaining to me, but I really do watch it everytime it comes on.

2. Flash Gordon - This was the very first movie my family ever rented on video casette back in the day (you rented movies for a week at a time then).  I must've watched this movie a dozen times that week.  I've loved it ever since.

3. Steel Magnolias (only for the scenes with Olivia Dukakis and Shirly McClane) - OK, really guilty pleasure here.  I don't actively seek this movie, but if my wife is watching it, I'll sit down with her.  Or if she's in the other room and I notice it, I'll turn it on, yell for her, and let her know I'm thinking about her.

4. Ghost - This is probably the sappiest movie ev-ah.  I saw this in college with a friend who happened to look a lot like Demi Moore.  Unfortunately, I looked nothing like Patrick Swayze.

5. Road House (sensing a Patrick Swayze thing here) - This movie has it all:  Violence, martial arts, cool old cars, boobs, rock & roll, and Sam Elliott.   So why is it such an amazingly bad film?  I still love it, though.

6. Once Bitten - The very first movie I ever saw Jim Carrey in.  This horrid movie and Lauren Hutton helped drag me kicking and screaming into puberty.

7. Knowhutimean? Hey Vern, It's My Family Album - This train wreck is Jim Varney at his best.  The man was an amazing actor who is seriously under-appreciated.  This shows off his amazing range and skills.

8. Blazing Saddles -  Oh! this comedic ode to the fart joke.  My wife thinks I'm crazy anytime I tune this one in, but I really can't help myself.

9. Just One of the Guys - Lots of guy comedy with this one, especially all the scratching in public.  No idea why I like this movie, but I do.

10. Damnation Alley - I only like this one for one reason: The Landmaster