“A computer is like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy”

Thursday, March 25

Pranks Anyway

Women's Day shows off 10 office pranks

Back in the day, before I worked for Uncle Sam, I used to get involved in some really fun ones myself.

Examples include (but are not limited to):
  • Folding every pizza box in a pizza store where I worked as a cook and filling the walk-in freezer with them for the morning crew (I also filled this same freezer later with balloons)
  • Bubble-wrapping desks, chairs, computer, and all office supplies on various occassions of co-workers
  • Shrink wrapping a desk and chair
  • Making a shortcut to every .bat, .exe, .doc, etc. on a computer and placing all of them in the Start Up  items (took about 4 hours to finish starting up).  The final item that opened up was a text doc that said over-and-over, "That's a lot of crap, isn't it?"
  • Shrink-wrapping the opening and the filling a cubicle with packing peanuts (who hasn't done this?)
  • Turning a small car sideways between 2 trucks in the parking lot (usually requires 4 guys)
  • Zip-tying the cord of the phone to the base (that way, they pick up the whole phone when picking up the ear piece)
  • Gluing the pick-up on the phone down
  • Removing and then replacing (while re-arranging) all the letters on a keyboard
  • Putting white-out on all the letters of a keyboard
  • Taking the wheels off someone's office chair (variations include taking all but one, or just taking one)
  • Sabotaging the gas cylinder on a chair so that it always has a slow leak
  • Setting someone's verticle sync on their monitor to 30 (careful, will cause headaches)
  • etc., etc....
Make sure you have an understanding boss and co-workers before trying.  It's funny, but not if it gets you in trouble or anyone hurt.