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Tuesday, March 2

Looking to Buy Part 4

Trying to research if any other manufacturers made laptops with the trackpointer on the keyboard, I'd read that Toshiba and HP did.

Well, let's say HP used to do it. Not anymore. None to be found on their website, which is a shame. They have really nice prices. Supposedly some of their models have the trackpoint, but I have yet to see photographic evidence.

Toshiba's website is horrid. It's like they turned an 8 year old loose with a web editor. It's easily the most disorganized of any of the manufacturer's websites I've been to so far. No trackpoints to be seen here either.

Asus easily has the best website of all I've been to so far. Shame they also don't make a system with the trackpoint, because I really like Asus.

Checked out MSI for the hell of it. Clean website, but the navigation sucks eggs. Nice systems, good prices, no trackpoint. Next.

NEC no longer makes laptops (or PCs for that matter). Onward!

I'm not even going to look at Sony's. My heart won't be able to take the prices.

Fujitsu starts out higher than the Dell. Nope.

Some Acers might have it on them. Impossible to tell from their website. They give you one picture, from the back. Forget it.

Elonex: Pretty website, shame it SUCKS!!! You can't navigate, links don't work, if you actually get to another part (only by clicking on the images) you can't go back. Why on earth would I want to buy from you guys? Get a real webmaster and we'll talk. Next.

OK, that appears to be all of the ones I can discover that make something like the trackpoint with their laptops. Disappointing really.

Will have to talk to the Mrs. and see if she can live with a mouse.