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Tuesday, March 30

I'll Have the Pie With My Heavy Sigh

Well, just got the results of my lab work back from my doctor's office. Mostly good news, some not so much.

I'm about 10 pounds overweight (surprising, I would've said 20), my cholesterol is not good. Triglicerides are not good. Blood pressure is amazingly bad. Everything else was good to great. Soooooo, welcome to the new regime.

First, I start taking blood pressure medicine. Second, cholesterol medication. Third, change of diet. Fourth, more exercise. Joy.

My new diet, btw, is to cut down on carbs. Apparently they want me to focus on whole grains and meat. OK, no more potatoes, sugar, or (*sob*) bread (well, white bread anyway). Oh, and alcohol. I have to give up (mostly) alcohol - like beer. Ouch. I've been told the glass of wine I have before bed is ok.

Pardon me while I go sit in the corner and cry.


Anonymous said...

If I don't go I wont know....

Armed Texan said...

He's basically putting you on a low carb diet, like Atkins or South Beach. I've been on one for a while (without the advice of a doctor). It is actually a pretty easy diet as long as you have a variety of dishes. Oh, and you get to eat eggs. Bacon, in moderation, is allowed too. I really have not missed it much. The cool thing is that high insulin is linked to lots of bad things like obesity, cancer, hair loss and appetite. Lowering your baseline insulin is a good thing.

Mad Man said...

That seems to be doc's opinion as well. I went to the store last night and picked up some steaks and fresh veggies and some low-carb whole wheat bread.