“A computer is like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy”

Friday, March 19

Call Me a Skeptic

I was watching TV last night (ok, really I was dozing on the couch) and had on the show Nostradamus Effect. I generally find this a good show to watch while resting my eyes (as my grandfather used to say).

Well, I woke up around 10:00pm for a bit and listened in on what was actually going on the show. They were talking about Web Bot.

Now, I've heard of Web Bot before, but never paid it much attention. Listening to the show, they lent it a fantastic amount of credibility, as though because it surfed the internet, it was infallible. At least, that was the spin they put upon the story. So, cruising in this-morning, I thought I'd see if it had a website and could find what it was predicting.

Doing a search, all I can find are references from, shall we say, less than reliable sources. I can't find a homepage for this thing, and one isn't even listed in Wikipedia. Hmmmm. How serious can you possibly take something that you can't look at independently?

Regardless, I find it humorous that people are treating the Internet and a computer program as an oracle.