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Wednesday, February 10

Seriously, Put Down the Cool-Aid

Time proposes that the recent heavy snowfall on the East coast is because of Global Warming.

Oh, how I wish I were kidding. They are completely serious.

So, if this is the case...all those record snows from the 1950's were also Global Warming? Oh wait, according to "scientific" data, Global Warming didn't start to occur until after that. And nevermind that the Earth has actually cooled during the last decade (hey, it's their figures, not mine). And that ALL of the "scientific" data about Global Warming is under attack as completely bogus and made-up. And that pretty much everyone with an ounce of sense has determined that Global Warming is a scam to scare the sheeple and make butt-loads of money.

The only ones who still believe in Global Warming are the religious zealots and the gullible.

Update: The EPW Senate Committee's hearing on Global Warming Impacts, Including Public Health, in the United States has been postponed due to snow. :D It's the little things....