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Wednesday, February 17

Doing It Old-School

I noticed on /. (slashdot.org) that TechReport has a write-up on comparing modern processors to the venerable P4 3.8GHz.  I'd link to the report directly, but honestly, their site seems to be getting bombed.  I had a horrible time trying to pull it up.

Good info in the comments of /. though (almost as always).

The basics:  Some of the new processors are very good.  Intel is excellent.  The P4 is very comparable when you're not talking about multi-threading (which most apps don't take advantage of). 


Rob K said...

Multi-threading is way overblown, and must user apps have very little need of it. The strength of multiprocessor machines is in the ability to run multiple applications at full speed, not in making any one application run faster.

Mad Man said...

Unfortunately, most CPU tests don't do a good job for testing the power of multi-threading.