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Wednesday, February 17

Come to the Dark Side. We Have Cookies.

Everyone knows, hard work and clean living pays off, right?  Well, studies are showing those funny Sith may have been right all along.  Sometimes the easy way is better.

Men's Fitness looks at methods to Cheat Your Way to a Better Life.

No, that does NOT refer to cheating on your significant other, just easy ways to get around some chores, or doing things that you want to do anyway that ARE good for you (in spite of what your wife says).

My favorite:
Drink More Beer and Coffee
A recent study found that men who drank coffee had a 60 percent lower chance of developing serious prostate cancer than men who did not drink any coffee. Want even better news? Hops found in beer may have a similar positive effect.
Although, this article does explain why I heal so fast. Who knew?


Jonathan said...

I bought that very shirt at thinkgeek....

Mad Man said...

Hehe, I haven't been there in forever. I used to have that saying on my old cell phone. Of course, I also had the ringer set to play the Imperial March whenver my wife called. I would answer "Yes, my master." Made for interesting conversation during meetings. :D