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Friday, January 22

Save Me From Farmville

OK, seriously, how many times do I have to ignore an invite from someone to join the fun in Farmville before they get the picture?

Facebook ought to include a feature that blocks all invites from certain applications, like Mafia Wars and Farmville.

But I guess if they did that, they'd lose all those advertising $$$, and that is after-all, why Facebook exists.


Boyd said...

Umm...I have Farmville invitations (and everything else from that application, as well as Mafia Wars and others) blocked. I don't even see anything they post to their status or wall or anything else if it originates from a blocked application.

Doesn't it show as one of the buttons along the bottom of the invitation? (Accept / Ignore / Block this application, or some such)

Mad Man said...

Just goes to show you how much time I spend on Facebook, and how observant I am!

Thanks for the info, you just saved my sanity (and some old friendships).