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Saturday, January 2


Well, the boys and I went to see Avatar. We saw the 3D, non-Imax version.
Here's my impressions:

1. Technologically stunning. By far the best 3D picture I've ever seen. There are scenes with bugs and stuff flying through the air that are so realistic that you want to swat them out of the air in front of you. My only beef with 3D is that there are things in the background you might want to focus on that you cannot. Otherwise, stunning.
2. Beautiful visuals. The movie is also quite beautiful, the scenery is gorgeous and it's a world that is so enticing, I wouldn't mind visiting. Cameron is known for his visuals, and it certainly doesn't disappoint.
3. Flat story. Three words: Dances With Wolves. Yo, James, Kevin Costner called and he wants his storyline back. The plot is identical to Dances With Wolves. But let's face it, you won't go to see this movie for its plot. Oh, and as for bathroom breaks when you won't miss anything, that's pretty much the first hour-and-a-half. So, drink all you like early, just make sure you're there for the last act.

Is this worth seeing? Oh, yeah. It's worth seeing, especially in 3D. If you get motion sickness though, let me recommend some Dramamine. My brother-in-law brought some and was glad of it. I'll just say "puke chute" and you'll recognize what I mean when you see it.

I'm thinking of seeing the Imax 3D version just for the visuals. It's a fantastic movie from a technological standpoint. Go for the visuals, not the story.