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Thursday, December 3

Mothers Against Nickelodeon

Seems some moms are pretty upset with how Nick programs are geared. Too many fart jokes, too much riske stuff, too many boogers, etc. Yeah, my Mrs. would totally agree with these ladies. She really hates dislikes most Nick programming because of these things.

Until Nickelodeon creates a mission statement that includes a public affirmation of parents and family, stops undermining parents and ceases to claim to "empower" children, when in reality they are turning them into consumers, and until the network agrees to promote excellence in childhood by eliminating the use of farts, boogers, belching, rehab, pin up ads, rotten role models, lingerie, and other forms of risque programming to create Us Vs Them rivalry.

Being a guy, I find fart/booger/riske humor hilarious, but I get where they're coming from.