“A computer is like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy”

Monday, December 14

15. Picking the Right One: Computer Genres

Desktop Replacements: This category is still a laptop, just a really BIG laptop. These units are designed to allow all the power of a desktop while offering easier portability. Basically these systems come in two flavors: engineering and gaming.
Both variants usually offer a ton of RAM, really big hard drives, generous high-resolution (hi-res) screens, and almost full-sized keyboards. The engineering type usually has a video card that is designed for modelling, using programs such as AutoCAD or Solidworks. These are great for designing things in 3D, but not really good for games.

The gaming variety usually comes with high-end gaming video cards which are designed for high-throughput. Both varieties will be the most expensive types of laptops available. Apple even offers their own types that are geared more for graphics and web design.

Desktop replacements aren't meant to be laptops in the strictest sense as they are conveniences for engineers and graphic designers to take on their powerful systems on the road. These things put out more heat than a small block Chevy. I wouldn't recommend working on one for very long with nothing between it and you but a pair of blue jeans.

As you can imagine, battery life is nothing to write home about and is usually measure in minutes, rather than hours.