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Friday, November 20

Quoting Uncle

Uncle, of SaysUncle.com, is an old friend of mine, and over the years we've had many interesting conversations.

Uncle, as you can imagine, has quite the lively imagination.

One of my favorites was his definitions. Believe it or not, Uncle has a degree in psychology. His definition for psychology is *ahem* interesting. He claims that the word "psychology" is from the Greek "Psyche", or the mind, and "-ology", to make stuff up. Literally, he translates it as psychology means to make stuff up about the mind. Funny stuff.

Well, taking his definition a bit farther, we have climatology, or to make stuff up about the climate.

If you read here on a semi-regular basis, you'll know I think global warming is totally made up. We just don't have enough climate data to predict what's coming and what the causes are. Saying mankind is responsible for global warming is even more ludicrous when you look at the polution emitted by volcanoes each year. Sorry guys, but mankind's polution has been a drop in the bucket comparitively speaking. I'm not saying I'm for raping the earth, strip mining, and wholesale polution. I'm actually for being environmentally sound and keeping our home clean. What I am against is white guilt.

White (caucasian) people seem to have this obsessive need to feel guilty about stuff. Whether it be destroying the Earth or slavery or shipping butt-loads of guns to Mexico (see the Mexican Gun Canard), we seem to have this innate desire to blame ourselves for it. We really need to get over this obsession.

Let's face it. We really don't know what causes global warming or global cooling or Al Gore. They're forces of nature and right now, we just don't know enough to truly understand it. Until we do, we need to lay off the blame game and spend our resources figuring out what's really going on instead of playing political games.

Speaking of which: Climatologists Baffled by Global Warming Time-Out
That's a fairly even look at the current trend in global warming, or lack there-of, and the narrow-mindedness of some scientists who completely deny their own data. I can see why, though. No one will pay you to figure out what to do about global warming if there isn't any.

It's all about the benjamins, I guess.


B Smith said...

Damn... and I thought the whole guilt thing was just for Jews and Catholics. Guess I am just lousy at being white, too :-(

PS- Uncle sent me.