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Monday, November 30


Blue Screen of Death Troubleshooting

Author: Molly Smith

Blue screen of death can be caused by many reasons including hardware, software and other factors difficult to detect, and it also has quite a few solutions. In the following I will introduce some troubleshooting tips on the blue screen when the computer starts up and shuts down. There are eight tips in this article.

One, hard disk spare space is too small or there are too many disk fragments, so you have to reserve a certain amount of disk space and do the disk fragmentations from time to time.

Two, hardware conflict

Hardware conflict is the common cause of a blue screen; we often encounter conflicts induced by incorrect sound card or video card settings. If a yellow question mark or exclamatory mark beside the device under the Sound, video and game controllers in the Device Manager, try to delete this device and restart. If this way does not work, you can manually adjust or upgrade the relevant drivers, or you can download some professional software like Driver Checker to help you automatically fix these driver problems.

Three, too many programs running on startup is also prone to blue screen. You should not let so many programs running on startup in case they exhaust your system resources.

Four, bugs in some application

Sometimes the error can occur if errors or unstable factors exist in some application.

Five, the system attacked by some unknown programs or virus. You should check it carefully, kill the virus with effective antivirus software and take precautionary measures.

Six, version conflict

Some applications need to invoke a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) of specific version, if the old version covers the new one when installing the software, or delete the DLL files in use by mistake when deleting the application and then error occurs. You need to reinstall this software properly.

Seven, errors or damages in the Registry

Most of the time, it is the main reason for a blue screen. If blue screen often appears in your computer, the first thing you should consider is that maybe your Registry has some problems, check the Registry and repair it immediately to avoid bigger losses.

Eight, incompatibility between software and hardware

New technology is now advancing more and more quickly, if your computer has a blue screen every now and then, probably the motherboard BIOS or its driver is too old, so it could not support its hardware appropriately. If your motherboard BIOS is able to be flashed, flash it to the latest version or use Driver Checker to help install the up-to-date device driver as soon as possible.

About the Author:

The author, Molly Smith, is an expert of device driver problems repair and PC optimization. Do visit http://www.driverchecker.com/ for more free and useful information.

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