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Wednesday, October 21

OK, Now I Feel Old

Happy 20th birthday to Pretty Hate Machine.

Wow, that's really hard to believe. I remember when that album came out. It was completely ground-breaking and I still listen to it.

A buddy and a female friend of ours went to see them in concert once. They were the opening act for the Jesus and Mary Chain. We showed up for the show wearing blue-jeans, t-shirts, and brown leather flight jackets. I say this because we were the only people there not dressed entirely in black!

We stayed for the end of the opening act and just long enough to hear J&MC play their one hit song and then cut out. Outside, we see NiN standing around on the street corner. My buddy (Uncle, of Saysuncle.com) goes up to them to tell them how much we appreciated their act. We get to talking about what's open in Knoxville at that time of night and good places to eat, and end up bumming the band some smokes.

I wonder if Trent even remembers that?