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Wednesday, July 22

WoW! That is Good News

This may not be high on your list of worries, but I've been concerned over it for a while: Who's going to direct the World of Warcraft movie?

Let's face it. Game-based movies are invariably BAD. Has there ever been a movie based on a game that was good? With terror, I've watched the news (or lack thereof) about the supposed WoW movie for a couple of years, knowing it had the potential to be the worst film of all time (well, maybe not that bad, but Lord knows, it was shaping up to be a stinker).

Looks like I may have been a trifle hasty (hom hoom).

What's changed my mind? The news that Sam Raimi is going to be directing the Warcraft flick! And that can only mean one thing: Bruce Campbell cameo.

I'll quit dancing in a bit. Talk amongst yourselves.