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Friday, January 9

Rough Day at the Ol' Winn Dixie

Been a long day today. Lots of work going on here, but I suppose I should be grateful. At least I have work. Lots of folks all over the country are hurting right now and I'm very lucky to have a great job doing things I like to do (and they pay me!).

In regards to the title, I'll bet most people under the age of 25 have no idea what I'm talking about (at least around here - I understand they're still open in other locations). Well, today is your lucky day! I always say the day's been wasted if you didn't learn something. Now's your chance to learn about Winn Dixie.

In other news, the Discovery Channel's looking for a few good geeks. Sign up today.

And just because facial hair is worth some man points, it's good to note that mustaches are back "in".