“A computer is like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy”

Wednesday, January 28

Quit Screwing It Up

Dear Microsoft,

Quit being stupid. We don't want or need multiple versions of Windows. This was a horrid practice with Windows Vista, and you hope to make it better with 7? Puh-lease.

Who exactly is running your marketing group? Fire them. Fire them now. They're idiots.

Go back to Windows XP, or better yet 2000 or 98. One or two versions is acceptable. Five or more versions is just ridiculous. Businesses and homes all got along well with just one version of 98. Sure, it wasn't the best networking OS on the planet, but it did well enough, and let's be honest here: Windows sucks at networking anyway.

But I digress. I could live with a "home" version and a "business" version. Let the home handle security and networking a little more automated, and let the business version be very configurable. Network admins everywhere would thank you.

I'm glad that you're turning down the security controls. If your competitors can make an entire advertising campaign up about a single point in your software, you know it's a loser. Sounds good on paper, but for God's sake, please try this stuff out on some real people before you release it. Not all "features" need to be released.

Learn some lessons from Linux. Less is more. Make it simple and easy to use. Pretty is optional. Functionality should win out every time if you have a choice.

Oh, and ditch the multiple version thing. It's just plain stupid.

Yours Truly,
Mad Man