“A computer is like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy”

Wednesday, January 28

More Zombies

This time spotted in Texas. Hehe.


Armed Texan said...

A laid-off Dell employee no doubt. Or maybe the hacker was try to warn motorists that there was a group of laid-off Dell employees ahead.

Mad Man said...

Could be. We've got a few of those ex-Dell-ies rolling around here from the Dell facility in between Knoxville and Nashville. Personally, I think zombies are likely more interesting.

Armed Texan said...

You're right. My bad. Dell keeps all of their zombies in India.

Dell support: Thank you for calling Dell. My name is Joe, please do the needful and unplug your computer for 5 minutes.

Me: But I haven't even told you the problem yet.

Dell support: My script is showing me to unplug computer is necessary. Also, please send me a sample of your brains.